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Privacy Privacy law compliance is top of mind for everyone in 2021. Specifically, publishers who are about to go through major shifts in how user data is collected.

Privacy: Made for publishers

Privacy Compliace by Confiant covers the abuse and rogue activity that happens outside of the standard prescribed channels. Basically, what happens when the ad renders. It's privacy compliance built for the ad tech ecosystem.

  • Our tool is not a replacement, but a super-charged add-on to your CMP. It's the nitrous oxide to your Security.
  • First in the world offering real-time compliance. We can surface instances of rogue tracking that no one else can identify.
  • Saving y'all the dolla dolla bills by making sure everyone's compliant with the latest evolution in the laws.

Give Privacy Compliance by Confiant a Try, Free.

No blood required or soul exchanged. Pinky swear.