Confiant’s Industry-first ad quality report for Q2 2018

Advertising verification providers have been traditionally focusing on the advertisers. Traffic reports featuring impressions quality benchmarks are widely available online and present insights and potentially actionable information to the media buyers.

On the other hand information sources about ad quality- malvertising and fraudulent ads, coming from RTB are scarce.

Confiant has compiled a first of its kind research to highlight Q2 2018 ad quality trends and benchmarks with you- the publisher, in mind.

Inside the report you'll find:

  • Market wide rates of Malicious, Impression fraud, and low quality creatives.
  • Breakdown of malicious ad types.
  • What CPM rates malvertisers are paying and when.
  • Malvertising and Fraud Rates of the Exchanges and SSPs.
  • And much more!

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