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We’re Making the

Digital World SafeR for Everyone

Defenders of the digital world.
Guardians of the good guys. Protectors
of publishers and platforms.

Whatever you call us, our purpose is clear: to rid the world of bad ads—once and for all.


Confiant is the cybersecurity leader in detecting and stopping Malvertising attacks.

Having built hundreds of integrations directly into the web’s ad tech infrastructure, Confiant has unparalleled visibility to the malware, scams and fraud serving through ads today. Leveraging our security expertise, we deliver complete control over ads to web publishers and ad platforms, also remediating quality issues, privacy violations, and mis-categorized ads.

In publishing the industry’s leading ad quality benchmark report and mapping the threat actors that use ads-as-an-attack-vector at, Confiant is leading the charge in protecting users from criminals hijacking the ad tech supply chain.

Trusted by customers like Microsoft, Paramount, and Magnite, we celebrate our 10th anniversary this year.

Louis-David Louis-David

Louis-David “LD” Mangin

Co-Founder & CEO

Confiant is not LD’s first rodeo. In fact, it’s the sixth start up he’s been a part of and the second he co-founded. When he’s not keeping the Confiant team collaborating and caffeinated, you can usually count on LD to be planning his next offshore sailing adventure or working on his yoga headstands.

jerome-dangu jerome-dangu

Jerome Dangu

Co-Founder & CTO

Jerome has had a keen interest in computer security ever since he started coding in his childhood. When he’s not building another wild proof of concept, he might be found struggling at the piano or goofing around with his daughter.

We Are Confiant

When LD and Jerome first teamed up in September 2013, cybersecurity technology was up against some bad actors that just couldn’t be beat. They realized it was time to rethink the way the industry tackled malvertising and low quality ads. So they set out to do what had never been done before. In 2017, they launched the industry’s first real-time verification and blocking solution. And today, they’ve assembled an award-winning team of security heroes who are courageously carrying out the Confiant mission: to make the digital world safe for everyone.

Our Origin Story is Just the Beginning

  • 2013-april

    Apr 2013

    Admitted to Google’s “Security Hall of Fame” for reporting an ad-related CSRF vulnerability impacting 20% of Alexa top 100

  • 2014-15


    Became the only ad security vendor to reliably identify an exploit-kit based malvertising campaign leading to ransomware and botnet infections

  • 2015-16


    Tracked Kovter malvertising, privately disclosing to ad platforms

  • 2015-nov

    Nov 2015

    Detected video-based malvertiser injecting malicious ads on and other large video sites

  • 2016-june

    June 2016

    Executed the first ever client-side blocking of a scaled exploit-kit malvertising campaign (attacker: AdGholas)

  • 2017-may

    May 2017

    Launched the industry’s first real-time verification and blocking solution

  • 2017-sept

    Sep 2017

    Protected publishers by removing ad-based crypto-miners from their site in real time

  • 2018-jan-zirco

    Jan 2018

    Uncovered Zirconium (successor of GoonKy), the largest malvertising operation of 2017

  • 2018-jan

    Jan 2018

    Caught Chrome exploit (Zirco) that had been by-passing Chrome blocker via PDFium

  • 2019-apr

    Apr 2019

    Discovered eGobbler attack able to bypass pop-up blocker and target iOS users, CVE-2019-5840

  • 2019-may

    May 2019

    Presented At FBI Ad Tech Symposium

  • 2019-july

    Jul 2019

    Presented findings to US Department of Justice

  • 2019-aug-lock

    Aug 2019

    Detected and blocked against first-ever Magecart actor pivoting to malvertising to capture users’ sensitive financial data

  • 2020-jan

    Jan 6 2020

    Awarded first CVE designation: Opera Iframe Sandbox Bypass, CVE-2019-19788

  • 2020-oct

    October 2020

    Identified redirect able to bypass iframe sandbox in Safari iOS, resulting in second CVE designation, CVE-2019-8771

Confiant All Around The World

Fully distributed and remote, 50+ world-class security engineers, and experts in reverse engineering and malware.

Map of where Confiant employees are all at!


Are you ready to make your next move? Looking for a job as challenging as it is rewarding? Interested in taking down bad actors serving up bad ads? A career at Confiant might be right up your alley.