Ad Quality & Security for Platforms

Safeguard access to premium inventory and ensure the best ad quality, security and privacy out there with a future-proof solution that evolves to stay ahead of threats.

Provide safe, quality ad demand

Supply Side Platforms

Always ensure a clean, safe and premium ad experience for your publishers with a best-in-class ad quality and cybersecurity partner.

  • No more publisher churn

    Ensure Access To Premium Inventory

    Protect publisher relationships and your reputation by creating custom rule sets for your most premium publishers.

  • No more wasted time and resources

    Optimize Publisher Management And Ad Quality

    Eliminate publisher complaints and deliver the best quality ad experience with continuous monitoring.

  • No more revenue left on the table

    Maximize Revenue Opportunities

    Protect revenue and monetize every impression before they’re blocked by publishers.

The only vendor that offers an in-auction signal for SSPs

Choose from either in-auction or asynchronous integrations to pinpoint rogue activity, even after it leaves your hands. And get a full feedback loop with client-side publisher data, including an alerts feed to help make sure you aren't missing any ad quality and security issues.

In-auction signal for SSPs

Never block the wrong ads again

Demand Side Platforms

Don’t put yourself at risk for a loss of access to premium inventory, lost revenue, and attacks from bad actors. Ensure policy enforcement with the fastest solution for timely verification.

  • Holistic Monitoring of Creatives

    Get a 360° view into the ad ecosystem

    Verify creatives across each checkpoint in the ecosystem to ensure they behave after they’ve left your hands.

  • Total Creative Intelligence

    No one has time to spot-check individual characteristics

    Get an independent assessment of creatives beyond the bidstream with our complete picture of each ad—exclusive to Confiant.

  • DSP-First UI

    Tailored specifically with your needs in mind

    Upgrade to a unique API and innovative UI built exclusively for DSPs. Not just repurposed supply-side tech.

The only vendor that offers insights into publisher blocking for DSPs

Access advanced reporting that shows not only which publishers are blocking your creatives but why they are blocking them. Designed to optimize the future of DSPs, you can seamlessly mitigate issues through multiple checkpoints and gain exclusive insight into publisher blocking – all while balancing ad quality, ad security, and increasing revenue.

Insights into publisher blocking for DSPs

Buy security, not scans

We sell security, not scans and offer transparent, predictable pricing based on the metrics that matter to your business. Our focus is on providing exceptional security and protection, without conflicts of interest. That means, we absorb the cost of extra scanning during major attacks. All for better security and protection.

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Protect your infrastructure, no problem

Don’t just use a reheated version of a publisher ad quality & ad security software solution. Whether you’re an SSP or DSP, get a solution with a UI built specifically for you.

Now, you can leverage an intelligent tool with the fastest, most accurate identification and detection of threats happening in your platform. With Confiant, you can truly gain complete control over the ad experience.

Eliminate risks

  • Complaints

    No more sneaky, malicious ads getting through your front door

    Say goodbye to complaints. Gain visibility and take control of what is running through your ‘pipes’ with premium ad inventory.

  • Lost Revenue

    The average platform loses $4-5M annually

    Reduce operational costs, time, and efforts by flagging ads to prevent unnecessary last-minute blocking.

  • Attacks From Bad Actors

    Most platforms take 30 days to notice

    With Confiant, now you can catch them immediately.

Features you don't want to miss

  • Deep categorization, right out of the box

    Never categorize creatives incorrectly and ensure no mismatches with publishers, with built-in support for over 100 categories, and over 400,000 different brands identified.

  • Never miss a sensitive creative with Total Creative Intelligence

    Rapidly search through millions of creatives to find the problematic ones. Access in-depth creative reports and quickly search and detect any sensitive imagery.

  • See what publishers are blocking

    Get actionable insights and understand any last-minute client-side publisher blocks so you can serve more suitable ads.

Additional perks to experience...

  • Creative search
  • Customizable quality controls
  • Flexible integrations
  • Automatic classification by brand and category
  • Cusomizable reports
  • *Sensitive imagery detection (optional)

Trusted by 1000+ brands

  • MSN
  • Insider
  • Magnite
  • Pubmatic
  • Paramount
  • Gannett
  • IBM
  • Equativ
  • 40,000+Premium Sites Protected
  • 100 BillionClient Side Impressions Monitored Monthly
  • 7 TrillionServer Side Auctions Monitored Monthly
  • 80+Malvertising Techniques Mapped

We are very happy with the integration... almost all of our cases these days are just requests to amend AQ [Ad Quality] filters for pubs... there are actually almost no reported malware issues reported by our publishers.


With the support of partners like Confiant – we will continue to innovate and stay ahead of the curve so publishers can focus on creating content, building audiences, and increasing revenue


Expert tech meets expert people

Gain unparalleled support and the lowest false positive and false negative rates in the industry. Confiant's solution was built from the ground up by ad tech insiders with flexible integration types to customize around your business needs.

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