We believe in making the digital world safe for everyone

Confiant is a cybersecurity company that protects publishers and supply-side platforms from malicious actors and puts the control back in their hands to ensure the ads delivered to a website are safe and secure. Our sole purpose is to rid the world of cybercriminals, bad actors, and malware.


LD and Jerome teamed up on September 2nd, 2013 to specifically reinvent how the industry tackled malvertising and low-quality ads. The then-current state of technology was at a data disadvantage against the bad actors that couldn't be surmounted without some real innovation. That “never done before” innovation took a year to figure out, and in May of 2017 they launched the industry’s first real-time verification and blocking solution, giving publishers actual control of what ads are shown to their users.

Our team shares a core set of values that bind us together and aligns us with our vision of making digital media safe for everyone.

Our Culture

Be Audacious

We get excited when we can take on big challenges, big competitors, and big technical problems.

Solve Real Problems

We take the time to explore and understand our client's real underlying problems so we can find the right solution.


We know technology matters, we believe people matter more.

Grow Sustainably

We believe in sustainable growth, so we can stand on our own feet. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you!

Be Cohesive

We believe in working closely together and we recognize that as a group we are greater than the sum of each part.

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