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As the leader in protecting ad supply chains from cyber threats, Confiant captures unique attack data hidden in the digital noise. Packaged with our world class threat intel and automated takedown notices, we protect your clients & your network from these next gen web threats.


What Confiant Delivers

Started in 2013, Confiant is the first cyber security company to master the ad industry’s dystopian tech stack from the inside out. Superpowered by our 130+ custom integrations deep into ad tech infrastructure, we have a unique vantage point from which to track the threat actors who spend their money upfront to deploy phishing, malware and scam attacks via paid ads in every major digital media environment globally.

From credential theft to fake storefronts, crypto wallet exfiltration to malware downloads, Confiant’s award winning cybersecurity engineers are the proven experts and innovators, with 30+ research exposes, a mention in Google’s Security Hall of Fame, and 7 critical browser CVEs for exploitable pop-up and redirect blocker bypasses.

Dominant Malvertising Attack Types

Malvertising has dramatically evolved over the past ten years, going through 3 major evolutions in the period from being primarily adware, to phishing redirects, and now cloaking attacks that can hide anything, Malvertisers have been empowered by these expanded digital ad capabilities to become sophisticated cyber criminals who are a threat to any digital user.

  • Branded Attacks

    Leading brands are constantly being hijacked by malvertisers to use for credential theft, fake storefronts, counterfeit products, fake software download, gift card scams, and tech support scams across search, social and other media environments, compromising your client’s interactions with your company.

  • Malware Infections

    Drive by downloads to malware infections remain a major attack type today as the noise of the digital ad pipes plus their unique targeting capabilities make for effective methods to compromise corporate networks. The rise of byod only amplifies this risk.

  • Web3 Attacks

    Web3 attackers are replicating all the malvertising types with a crypto flavor, from seed phrase phishing attacks, wallet exfiltration, malware downloads, fake giveaways, support scams, credential theft and more. Given Web3/crypto is especially vulnerable to being compromised by bad actors pretending to be good, proactive protection is essential.

  • Investment Fraud

    Fake investment schemes are the predominant Malvertising attack type, leveraging sophisticated cloaking, fake celebrity endorsements, and real support to steal billions from unsuspecting victims. If you are a financial institution, understanding these attacks is critical to protecting your clients from being defrauded.

Confiant Threat Intelligence

Confiant Threat Intelligence

Precise attack data is great, actionable threat intelligence connecting the dots and helping you digest said data is much much better. Producing quality web threat intel requires deftly navigating the dimensions of method vs. payload vs. vector vs. environment, which our Security Team does on your behalf and delivers in multiple report formats aligning with all your constituents.

Data Feeds, Reports & Takedowns

Managing threat feeds is about more than having a dashboard, it is about having confidence that the data is relevant and accurate. Confiant’s experience inside the ad industry, where false positives directly impact our client’s revenue generation, has honed our sensitivity to false positives and our detection accuracy to the highest standards. Our multi-layered detection system is deliberately built with a human-in-the-loop, so our world class security engineers can pilot the system, ensuring only true positive detections are reported to you.

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Delivered via STIX 2.1, CSV, email or viewed in our UI, attack data is packaged into strategic, tactical and operational reports that empower you to educate yourself and your organization on how Malvertising needs to be accounted for in your threat model. Automated takedown notices are generated and sent in real time upon detection to maximize your throughput, helping you to focus on the attacks themselves.

Malvertising Attack Matrix

Preview of Malvertising Attack Matrix

First created in October of 2021, Confiant’s Malvertising Attack Matrix is modeled on the fabled MITRE ATT&CK® and encompasses 80+ techniques, 7 threat actors, 20 UNCs and +200 clusters of Malvertising activity currently using ads as a vector to target users throughout their daily online activities with all the precision and efficiency that the ad tech world has to offer.

Updated in March of 2022 to include Web3 specific attacks, this knowledge base of the tactics, techniques and attackers is provided in service to raising the knowledge of this previously unmapped vector amongst the cyber security community. Ads are a trusted medium and the acceleration of the digital ad industry over the past ten years has created a formidable risk vector for users both personally and professionally. All of Confiant’s Threat Intel integrates the Malvertising Attack Matrix.

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This is our mission.

We help enterprises protect themselves and their users from malicious actors with actionable threat intelligence information.