Stop Malicious Ads Faster to Prevent Revenue Disruption.

Publishers can maximize revenue by stopping malicious and intrusive ads with Confiant. Our real-time ad verification solution and quality controls ensure a safe and positive user experience while preventing revenue disruption.

One major publisher reduced the time spent finding and resolving redirects, saving $1,000 per ads ops team member per month. 

Request a 14-day free trial to experience how we can help improve your bottom line:

  • Detect, block, and replace non-monetizing ads with suitable ads that pay
  • Automatically re-auction blocked ads to keep revenue flowing
  • Reduce ad ops cost and focus your team on revenue-generating initiatives
  • Improve the user experience to increase sessions


“With the coverage that we have now, we definitely receive much fewer complaints than we used to and save approximately 4 hours per week dealing with security issues.”

- Sylwia Komorowska-Girus
Sr. Revenue Operations Manager, Fandom

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