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Immunity for SSPs

Dangerous creatives are infecting the adtech ecosystem, scamming users, and creating publisher churn. Introducing Immunity by Confiant, the first solution built from the ground-up for SSPs that provides complete insight into security and quality issues. We empower SSPs to uncover and instantly block unwanted ads from winning an auction, policing in real-time the bid stream with purpose-built verification technology. 



Protect your revenue and publishers

Detect issues in-auction and immediately replace a problematic creative with the next bid, ensuring you don't lose out on missed impression opportunity or access to key publishers.


Prevent attacks and publisher churn

Our system acts as a knowledge base for all ads flowing through your platform, giving you full visibility into the quality of creatives coming from DSPs and pinpointing the ads publishers block.

Improve demand quality


Track DSP ad quality and publisher preference

Free up your internal teams

We keep you informed on security and quality issues in real-time, identifying the source so you can quickly remove bad actors from your exchange. No more having to wait for scanner results. 


Easily identify and isolate issues

Multiple integration options.
Minimal maintenance.

Asynchronous integration

You send batches of sample bidstream data to us and we share risk-based results asynchronously. 

In-auction integration

Confiant ingests the full bidstream and identifies which bids have issues in real-time. 


Bid responses


Unique creatives


Impression issues