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Why won't Malvertising stop?

Digital advertising is built on a fragmented and flawed ecosystem rife with conflicts of interests.

Highly profitable

Cybercriminals can reach billions of users cheaply and easily, infect users’ devices, steal their data, and make money.

Misaligned incentives

DSPs, SSPs, and Publishers with different priorities give criminals the opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities.

Minimal consequences

The industry’s lack of comprehensive security protocols makes malvertising low risk, high reward for bad actors.

Introducing Immunity by Confiant

Maximum protection for the digital ad ecosystem

We've invented a real-time security technology able to detect and immediately block bad ads, while also giving Confiant the data to analyze attack patterns and attribute threats to bad actors so that we can expunge them from the ecosystem. We've built the industry's first immune system. 

Deep data on bad actors

Security is about data quality: capturing the right data in the right context allows us to isolate the signal from the noise.

Expertise from elite hackers

Security is about feedback loops: managing the arms race means a 24/7 security team with the smartest hackers in the business.

End-to-end security system

Security is about unified systems: weaving multiple protection technologies together lets us block bad actors at the earliest point of attack.




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Our Solutions


Take control of your demand in real-time
  • Safeguard your audience and reputation
  • Protect your revenue
  • Spend less time and resources on security

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Supply-side Platforms

Prevent your platform from being an attack vector
  • Protect your revenue and publishers
  • Improve demand quality
  • Save time and work for ad ops

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Who We Help Today


“Confiant is the most exciting anti-malware tech in years. If the whole industry adopts this, bad ads will be a thing of the past.”



“With the coverage that we have now, we definitely receive much fewer complaints than we used to and save approximately 4 hours per week dealing with security issues."