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Almost 60% Of Malicious Ads Come from Three Ad Providers

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In Confiant's "Demand Quality Report for Q3 2019", the ad fraud and security company analyzed 120 billion ad impressions between January 1st and September 20th that flowed through their systems in order to provide a breakdown of different malicious ad campaigns.

While Confiant's report also discussed low quality ads and banner ads that appear in video slots, we will focus on the detected malicious ads and the campaigns that utilize them.

A malicious ad is defined by Confiant as one that performs unwanted behavior such as a forced redirect to scams, cryptojacking, or ads that infect a visitor's device.

"A creative that includes (usually obfuscated) Javascript that spawns a forced redirect or loads a secondary, or tertiary, payload for similar malicious purposes. Most malicious creatives exist for the purpose of forcing users to interact with phishing scams, but some perform cryptojacking or infect the user’s device to propagate botnets and other nefarious activities."

— Confiant

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