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Confiant Built To Keep Publishers And Consumers Safe From Ad Malware

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A Series of Profiles of Innovators Operating at the Intersection of Consumer Behavior and Business Transformation: Louis-David Mangin, Co-Founder and CEO, Confiant.

“The most sophisticated digital advertisers in the world aren’t the biggest advertisers, they’re criminals who have hijacked the digital advertising eco-system for their own, selfish ends. My co-founder Jerome Dangu and I created Confiant to use technology to fight back to make media safe for everyone,” says Confiant CEO Louis-David Mangin.

Founded in 2013, Confiant’s mission is to tackle advertising security. They saw that the digital ad industry was under attack from two different vectors: The criminals that create fake users to attack the real advertisers through the creation of non-human traffic and viewability, and then the fraud perpetuated on the advertisers. Then there is also the vector where the criminals create fake advertisers to attack the real users in which criminals infect the user's computer with malware, presenting a phishing scam that's looking to lure users into some form of malicious action on themselves. Confiant focuses on the latter of these two criminal activities.

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