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How DSPs Can Benefit From A Solution Like Confiant

Confiant for DSP

Demand Side Platform (DSP) Challenges

The incredible scale of programmatic advertising makes it extremely challenging for DSPs to police ad quality and security issues of creatives that flow through their pipes. Platforms see an average of 1% of their impressions blocked downstream due to security and quality issues, creating a waterfall effect of lost revenue opportunities.

DSP Waterfall Lost Opptys

About Confiant DSP SOLUTION

Confiant for DSP is a powerful ad quality and security management solution, designed from the ground up to meet the needs of DSPs. It is the only creative-verification solution for DSPs that provides direct insight into publisher blocking. It empowers you and your team with the data and tools to build strong relationships with advertisers, SSPs, and publishers, maintain preferred access to premium supply, and increase revenue by minimizing downstream blocking. Get total creative intelligence with deep categorization (by: adomain, landing page, and creative attributes) giving you the power to analyze those characteristics at scale.

Six Main Benefits For DSPs

  • Minimize complaints
  • Maximize revenue
  • Save time, reduce operational costs, and minimize resource usage
  • Improve relationships with ad ecosystem partners
  • Customize bidding via actionable insights into client-side publisher blocking
  • Improve reputation for access to premium ad inventory


DSPs can integrate with Confiant via our preflight verification Application Programming Interface (API). The API provides DSPs with detailed information on the attributes and associated risks of creatives using ad markups as an input. Best of all, the API is fully compatible with the IAB’s Ad Management API specification. This means that if you’ve already integrated with the IAB’s Ad Management API, little to no extra work is required to integrate with Confiant.

Key Features For DSPs

  • Comprehensive ad security coverage backed by Confiant’s industry-leading threat-intelligence team
  • Customizable ad quality and policy enforcement controls to ensure compliance and minimize complaints
  • DSP Focused, Customizable Reports
    • Issue Summaries (security and quality)
    • Scan Log (server-side flagged creatives)
    • Publisher Blocks (client-side flagged creatives)
  • Powerful creative search, with the ability to search by CRID, adomain, keyword, and  over 100 custom categories
  • Coverage across all major formats: display, video, native and native video
  • Simple IAB-compatible API
  • Total creative intelligence including deep categorization
  • Preflight verification paired with continuous protection powered by our integrations across the ecosystem
DSP total creative intelligence-updated 02.01.23 v4

A Growth-Focused Ad Quality & Security Management Solution, Built for DSPs

Confiant for DSP was designed to help DSPs build strong relationships with partners in the ad ecosystem, manage creative quality and security at scale, maintain access to premium supply, and grow revenue. Everything from the system interfaces, reports and user interface has been designed, and real-world tested to provide an exceptional DSP experience from day one.

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