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Getting annoying Chrome pop ups on your iPhone? This could be why

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Getting a load of annoying pop-ups when surfing the web on Chrome on your iPhone XS or iPad Mini? This nasty “eGobbler Malvertising Campaign” could be why.

The campaign was spotted by researchers at security firm Confiant and reportedly leverages a vulnerability in Chrome to target iOS users with dodgy pop-ups.

The campaign’s reportedly been running for quite a while and has a tendency to get particularly aggressive during holidays, so you may want to be extra vigilant this Bank Holiday.

“We’ve attributed the flurry of activity to a known threat actor called eGobbler — so named after the huge volumes of hits that their campaigns generate,” Explained Confiant researcher Eliya Stein in a blog post.

“This group has a tendency to ramp up their buying around holidays and weekends. Typically these campaigns peak in volume over a period of 36–48 hours before going into a state of hibernation until the next big push.”

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