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Malicious Ads and In-Banner Video Hit Lowest Rates Since Early 2018

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Confiant, the leader and innovator in advertising security, today released its Demand Quality Report for Q2 2019. The report shows that the industry continues to make steady progress in reducing the scourge of bad ads, with the lowest rates of malicious and In-Banner video ads observed since Confiant published its first report in early 2018.

Among the key findings and trends the report uncovers are:

[1] Malicious ads fell to their lowest rate since early 2018: Malicious ads declined from 0.39% of impressions in Q1 (and a high of 0.54% in Q4 2018) to 0.25% in Q2. A huge gap persists between the best and worst performers, however. Among top SSPs, the worst performer is over 60 times as likely to deliver a malicious ad as the best performer.

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