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Malvertising campaign targets Apple users code hidden in images

Apple users continue to be some of the favorite targets of malvertising campaigns, according to a report published this week by cyber-security firm Confiant.

The report describes a new malvertising group called VeryMal that's been going after Apple users, with the latest campaigns employing steganography techniques to hide malicious code inside ad images to avoid detection.

The Confiant report comes after the company discovered a different malvertising group last year, named ScamClub, which also exclusively targeted Apple users.

But while ScamClub was a much bigger operation, hijacking as many as 300 million web sessions for US-based iOS users, the VeryMal group is a much smaller in size, being blamed for only five million hijacks.

However, the difference, according to researchers, is that this newer group is way sneakier, employing steganography to hide the code responsible for redirecting users from legitimate sites to malicious ones.

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