John Murphy

 •  1 minute read

Why malvertising is still a threat inside digital walled gardens

This article explores the reasons behind threat actors targeting walled gardens with malvertising, highlighting the challenges these closed ecosystems face in addressing security concerns despite their controlled environments.

What is a walled garden in digital advertising?

Physical, brick-and-mortar, walled gardens were created for various reasons throughout history. They provided security and defense against external threats, offered privacy and exclusivity for relaxation and enjoyment, facilitated controlled environments for horticultural and agricultural activities, symbolized power and status, showcased aesthetic beauty, and served as spaces for scientific and experimental purposes. These enclosed gardens represented a range of motivations, including protection, cultivation, social representation, aesthetic appeal, and scientific exploration. Whether as fortifications, private retreats, or showcases of human mastery over nature, physical walled gardens played significant roles in different cultures and time periods.

In digital advertising, the concept of walled gardens has gained prominence again...

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Published 8/22/2023 in The Drum


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