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Excellence in Ad Quality: PubMatic Protects Publishers and Audiences

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PUBMATIC's investment in Ad Quality Infrastucture

Eric Bozinny, Senior Director, Marketplace Quality describes how Pubmatic partners with Confiant to make strategic infrastructure investments in ad quality in a Pubmatic blog post.  

There are three main areas of ad quality of concern to publishers: malvertising, the technical classification of creatives, and the content of the creatives themselves. Solutions that address these are critical for publishers to strike the right balance between growing ad revenue and protecting their audience….

PubMatic has invested in improving ad quality; building a solution utilizing third-party technical partners, internal product development, and more streamlined processes, including:

  • Partnering with Confiant, which specializes in identifying malicious ads. Their team and technology scan every creative submitted by buyers for potential security issues.
  • The development of PubMatic’s RTAS (Real-Time Ad Scanning) infrastructure that interfaces with Confiant and its malvertising decisioning, which scans each creative to identify other technical reasons which may impact quality (such as heavy ads, video errors, and ads with undeclared audio).
  • Dedicating a team to manage the processes where advertisers are categorized based on their business and products, publisher-specific blocklists are monitored, and undesirable categories and classifications are identified – protecting publishers.

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