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Success Story: How Complex Media prevents revenue & user disruption by controlling the Ad experience

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Complex Media is a multimedia platform and online community that publishes premium content around pop culture. With over 120 million people engaging with their content, providing a premium user & ad experience is a top priority. We sat down with Chris Gironda, Manager of Ad Technology & Data Strategy at Complex on how they took back control of the ad experience across their properties to mitigate revenue disruption and ensure a safe user and ad experience.

Watch the full interview below:

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Q&A with Chris Gironda of Complex

Name: Chris Gironda
Company: Complex Media
Position: Manager of Ad Technology & Data Strategy
Favorite Confiant feature: Dynamic ad blocking

What do users care about?

Chris Gironda: They care about a premium experience (i.e the look and feel) and what’s not considered premium:

  • Redirects
  • Heavy ads
  • Slow issues / experiences
  • Phishing scams

How did Confiant help you ensure a premium user experience?

Chris Gironda: Not only did all the redirects, escalated emails, weekend and holiday attacks stop but we were able to set our own parameters, pull levers, and understand our threshold for heavy ads, positioning for in-banner video, and more.

Why did you go with Confiant?

Chris Gironda: With Confiant, we heard great things within the industry. They keep us posted on the state of the industry as well as the state of our site. Confiant was able to catch issues before they even got to our site or blocked the impression before it happened. It feels more like a partnership than a client-vendor relationship.

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