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Immunity for Publishers

Malvertising affects the whole industry, but publishers have the most to lose. Introducing Immunity by Confiant, the leading ad verification solution that automatically identifies and blocks all types of malicious creatives in real-time. Our patent-pending blocking technology gives publishers the transparency and control needed to stay on top of problematic ads and the bad actors behind them, ensuring the safest experience for your audience.



Safeguard your audience
and reputation

“Up until recently, we would receive calls every few days from annoyed execs who had found redirects and other bad ads on their sites. I’m pleased to say that those calls have now stopped.”


Proactively block and manage ads served

Build custom rule sets of over a dozen unique issue types, so you control what ads get served to your audience. 

Complex Media Testimonial


“Malvertising cost the advertising industry $1.1 billion a year”

Mask Group 92


Protect your revenue

Stop turning off revenue streams 

Our solution actively blocks the dangerous ads, acting on your behalf while also giving you clear data on where the issue is coming from.

Spend less time and
resources on security

“We had a public holiday on the first day of this month. During this time, we saw a record number of blocked ads in our account. I’m so glad that I could enjoy the last 2 weeks without being frustrated because of malicious activities.”


We're on the alert to keep you informed

Confiant keeps you posted on quality and security issues via emails and reports, saving you the time tracking down and resolving them on your own. 

Quick integration.
Instantly useful.

Simple, flexible deployment

Our solution plugs into your framework with multiple integration options and is easy to deploy with tag managers. No need for a developer.

Expert customer support

Confiant provides a dedicated team of solutions experts to assist you with your transition and help with custom integration requests for your website.

Fast web performance

We run very light code on-page with the best performing content delivery network at 5-10 millisecond load time, ensuring smooth website performance.






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