Confiant Shows Malicious and Disruptive Ads Affecting Impression Rates

By Mar Tech Advisor

17 May 2019

New York: Confiant, an innovator in advertising security, recently released its Demand Quality Report for Q1 2019. The report benchmarks demand quality issues that publishers and platforms face -- such as malicious ads, low-quality ads and in-banner video ads -- so they can better protect their reputation, revenue and resources. While there was a significant decrease in issues across all three categories, malicious and disruptive ads still impact nearly one in every 100 ad experiences.

“This is Confiant’s fourth report and the first time we have access to year-over-year data. By sharing this data, publishers and platforms can better understand the health of the ad ecosystem and make decisions accordingly,” said Louis-David Mangin, Confiant’s CEO and cofounder. “Thankfully, malware and other ad quality issues are not intractable problems. With the right systems in place and commitment from the industry, we can tackle these issues.”

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