Louis-David Mangin, CEO & Co-founder of Confiant on Digital Ad Quality

By HashTag Labs

15 August 2020

Consumers of digital content have long been plagued by the "bad ad" — bad ad being a placeholder for many ills caused by less than ideal actors within the digital media space. Bad ads include, but are not limited to, things like: ad creatives with huge file sizes and the ever-dreaded mobile redirect (an ad that hi-jacks your browser and forcibly redirects you to a landing page).

Enter Louis-David and Confiant: Confiant is a leader is in figuring out where the bad ads are coming from and helping publishers (and potentially exchanges and SSPs) to block them so that readers don't have to put up with challenged reading and viewing experiences. This is a fascinating conversation on why this is happening, some great bad ad actor anecdotes and various other points related to ad quality online today.

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