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Confiant 2023 Annual Malvertising and Ad Quality Index is Online

Get up to speed with the annual Malvertising and Advertising Quality Index (MAQ) benchmark report by Confiant. It is ready for your review now!  The MAQ is the ad tech industry’s go-to report summarizing the state of ad quality and ad security in the digital advertising landscape for the entire year.

Key Highlights:


  • One in every 79 impressions revealed significant security or quality issues, marking the highest rate observed since the previous peak in 2018.
  • The quality violation rate in Q4 2023 also hit its highest level since 2018.
  • In the second half of 2023, the industry-wide ad quality violation rate more than doubled from 0.63% to 1.57%.
  • On average, one in every 384 impressions delivered in 2023 was a security risk to the user.
  • For two years in a row, SSP-E had the lowest security violation rate, and daily maximum security rate.
  • The number of incidents and average response times usually have matching trends, but response time trends varied in 2023.
  • Forced Redirect attacks surged in September of 2023.

Here’s what is included:


  • Industry-wide quality and security violation levels (by country, by browser types, and by bidding framework) 
  • Most blocked ad categories by premium publishers for the year
  • The best and worst SSP security and quality performers
  • Prior year comparisons
  • Peak threat activities and threat actor profiles 

The 2023 Annual MAQ Index is the nineteenth report in the series, and is available by visiting