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The AI Revolution Is Coming: Confiant Explains What To Look Out For ...

The AI Revolution Is Coming: Confiant Explains What To Look Out For And How To Help Keep Users Safe

By Kacey Perinelli June 09, 2023

Regardless of what industry you work in, AI is impossible to ignore.

It has infiltrated everything from art to the military, and now it’s becoming increasingly troublesome in the ad tech sector through malware, phishing, and scams.

At an AdMonsters Ops session on June 6th, “AI + Malvertising = ?,” attendees heard from Jerome Dangu, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Confiant, and Louis-David Mangin, CEO and Co-Founder, Confiant, about how AI is affecting ad tech and how we can stay aware of what is to come.

Confiant has been in the ad security business for 10 years, giving the company a great deal of experience in recognizing bad actors and helping publishers identify these risks as well. According to Confiant, ad tech has two dimensions of security risk: victim and vector.

Victim refers to specific types of fraud, namely bot fraud, attribution fraud, and arbitrage fraud. Vector refers to the types of ways bad actors attempt to infiltrate, through malware, phishing, and scams. Of these, scams are the bread and butter of those attacking through advertising...

Published 6/9/2023 in AdMonsters

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