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Red Button Alert: Taboola Native Ads

Red Button Alert

Confiant Notifies Customers of Security Alert

Confiant alerts our customers whenever significant, widespread malvertising attacks occur in the programmatic ecosystem. In this case, on July 21, 2022 the Confiant threat intelligence team notified clients of increases in Native Ads leading to Bitcoin Scams, served through Taboola.

Attack Information

Native ad specialist Taboola is currently facing a massive coordinated malvertising attack. The clickbaity ads are cloaked and hide investment scams on click. The campaign has gained media attention on Twitter.

When: Over the last 2 weeks with growing activity this week.


  • DSP:
    • Taboola
  • SSPs:
    • Taboola (direct on page native ads)
    • Many SSPs serve Taboola ads over programmatic display so this campaign is widespread


  • Geographies: Canada, UK, Chile, Spain, New Zealand, Australia
  • Targeting: Desktop and mobile
  • Reach: less than 0.1% of impressions in targeted geographies
Taboola Native Ads

Confiant also includes simple step-by-step instructions for our customers on how to protect their sites from this and other similar attacks in every alert, as well as screenshots where available.

Confiant's ad verification solutions and attack alerts help defend the digital ad industry by enabling publishers and ad platforms to take back control of the ad experience from threat actors to protect their users. Our solutions protect reputation, revenue, and resources through real-time verification of digital advertisements.

Confiant's technology actively blocks and detects malicious activity, privacy infringements, and low-quality ads. By providing industry-leading protection against malvertising, disruptive ads, and privacy risks Confiant empowers premium ad platforms and publishers with actionable data to ensure the digital ad ecosystem is safe and secure for everyone.


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